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KORO Branding

KORO Branding

KORO is a Macedonian tea company that’s been present on the market for over a decade. They focus on keeping all of their teas 100% organic, while still keeping the prices affordable for everyone.


After discussing their needs and goals, the final conclusion was that they want a fresher, more modern brand image while maintaining some already established elements. This meant a logo and a package redesign, creating a brand identity as well as a brand book with guidelines for the client to use in the future.


The challenge was clear and simple - redesign the logo into a more modern one, but don’t make it completely unrecognisable from the previous one. The client also requested that I kept their current typeface, as that was the most eye-catching element of the logo, as well as stick to red as the main color.

After three completely different iterations, this is the version that the client decided to proceed with. The left logo is the primary logo, whereas the two on the right are secondary logos.

KORO logo variations

Breakdown of the logo elements

Mockup of the KORO logo


I intended to first design the logo in order to set the tone for the rest of the brand, meaning that the package design would come last. In the brand guideline below, you can see a simple explanation about the usage of the brand’s logo, typography and colors.

This means that any material designed in the future (social media posts, documents, packaging, business cards) is to be created following these rules. By refering to this guide when creating any design related to the KORO brand (package, business cards, envelopes), the client ends up with a design that perfectly represents KORO.

You can take a look of the brand book below:


No brand is complete with only a logo, so after establishing proper guidelines to follow, I designed some stationery items for the brand.

stationery mockup


Lastly, I finished off this project by designing a package for each of their teas. Keeping it simple, I added some very high quality illustrations of the herbs on the left side, while also using the main color of the herb to write the name of it.

On the sides, I hid the herbs between the curved lines for a nice aesthetic which would give a slight touch of color and add some dimension.

Two boxes, one leaned on the other

Two boxes, one leaned on the other and a mug

Thank you for reading through this brand redesign case study, I appreciate it!

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