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Natura Therapy

Natura Therapy


This is an ongoing project that consists of all of my social media, branding and packaging work at Natura Therapy. NATURA THERAPY is a leading company on the Balkan market that develops, manufactures and sells natural food supplements designed to improve and maintain human health. They have developed multiple brands, each focusing on a different aspect of a human’s health.


I joined Natura Therapy as a Graphic Designer to work on improving the overall visual identity. As the brand is growing, I have also taken upon creating marketing materials for other countries where the company sells its products. Since the company has so many brands under it, all of them have a different target audience that requires a different approach.

I create materials for three individual brands under Natura Therapy created for different purposes (skincare, health and bodybuilding).

As of May, we also have one more designer on the team who I’m actively training.


Packaging Label for Femme 7 in a jar, realistic mockup

Packaging Label for Femme 7 in a jar, revealing the entire label

Packaging Label for Diet Shake with three different flavors, strawberry, vanilla and chocolate in that order with neapolitan three-flavor ice cream in the background

Packaging Label for R&R Melem on a mockup with all the ingredients around it

Packaging Labels for the two gels, thermo and cryo gel, on a mockup and clear background

Social media design introduction

Social media designs for Natura Therapy natural products

Social media designs for AdAstra bodybuilding products

Two-side horizontal flyer design

Website banners showcase

Product photos with their ingredients, made with photomanipulation

Photo manipulation of a jar to create a mockup


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