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This is a collection of posts I’ve designed throughout the years, starting from my Graphic Design academy up until now. My idea here is to capture the progress I’ve made and the development of my personal design style.


For the 2022 Student Exhibition at the Graphic Design Bootcamp I attended, each one of us was given the task to design a poster and an invitation.

The design I created ended up being chosen as the official poster for the exhibition scheduled for October 2022.

Mockup of a poster and invitation card Mockup of a billboard

During this entire year at the academy, we expanded our skills, ideas, our knowledge and we pushed our boundaries, therefore to me, this was the perfect way to capture that growth.

The main subject of the poster is Seymour Chwast, a designer known for his enormous contributions towards today’s graphic design - along with flowers coming out of his head, intending to also resemble the growth and expansion - both personal and professional.


The creation of this photomanipulation was heavily influenced by one of my favorite bands - Muse. Most of the elements used come from their album covers, bringing them together to form this fictional poster.

I decided to place certain elements of a few album covers to create a story while also sticking to the given topic. My intention was to represent ourselves as the man walking down the road and the people that care about us disguised as the hands pulling the strings - giving their best to stir us on the right path even in dark times.

Train station mockup

Grey tones frame mockup

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